• Most Effective VoIP Service

    Comparing the market, you will find us the most suitable VoIP service provider with the ideal packages. We examine and quote different providers working in the field to clarify one thing that WE are the best. Compare and contrast the VoIP service plans, select the one that meet your requirements and budget and start your business.

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    VoIP is the Medallion of your business
    Most Effective VoIP Service
  • PC 2 Phone Setup

    Make worldwide calls from traditional phone or Cell Phone by using internet, PC, or SIP Equipment. Just need to download PC 2 Phone Dialer and after installing it, add your account ID and password and start communicating. Isn't it easy?

    PC 2 Phone Setup
  • Mobile Dialer

    The Symbian based SIP client works as a softphone works as a Mobile dialer. It is easy to use as mobiles are very common nowadays. It works on different codecs for example g723, g729, g711, GSM, etc. Different internet careers like WiFi, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS can help in selecting the particular method to use this application effectively.

    Mobile dialer is a unique device that works efficiently in different countries like KSA, UAE, Oman, and even where the VoIP service is blocked by some agents.

    Mobile Dialer
Calling Cards

international calls. Secure shopping,

VoIP Softswitch
A 2 Z Termination

Core Routes
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A 2 Z Termination
Voip Reseller

VoIP Reseller Service
 cheap and work solely through internet



Voip Reseller


Make your Existence visible to others with SeeTelecom

Making a phone call was never cheap as it is now. One can communicate with the world from wherever you are. This is remarkable IP Telephony service since users are providing cheerful review after they have enjoyed this facility. It has breakthrough all obstacles and limitations and provided you the best service.  VoIP is not a new thing but Seetelecom comes up with an innovative idea by offering multiple choices of making phone calls and all at the cheapest rates you can get from any other service. Its products are unique and have many attractive budget packs. It facilitates you with PC2 Phone, Device 2 Phone, Mobile Dialer, Call Shop Solution, and Calling Cards.

SeeTelecom is the Future of Communication Business with PC2Phone

Seetelecom has bridged all communication devices on one port, and offer you to use this connection from any of existing device. Leave all worries to have several connections like PC2Phone, Device2Phone from different companies to make you communication effective. It offers you pentad flavor in just one connection. Make yourself free from various strangles and clear your way with it. Contracting with us, you will find multiple opportunities to expand your business and target your niche. We facilitate from start to accomplishment. There remains no loophole that may cause any hindrance in your struggle to access your clients.  Our Server Rental Packages are categorized according to your investment. You can have VoIP Termination and could be VoIP Reseller. After getting the Core Route, all products will become yours and you can take maximum benefit.

Use Your URL from Mobile Dialer as a Communication Tool with SeeTelecom:

You do not need to have anything extra while getting connection from SeeTelecom. It will work with your existing internet connection and computer or any other IP based device for example Mobile Dialer and allow you to make call to any Landline or Cell Phone worldwide. This SoftPhone is going to connect you from nearly all codecs; for example g711, g723, g729 and can work through any internet service as WiFi, GSM, EDGE, etc.

Your unique URL will open a wide world in front of you. You shall not be restricted to Oman rather it will expand your boundaries to those areas where VoIP is blocked.  We have covered nearly all the core routes and our VoIP Services Plans are very economic as compared to others in the field.

Call Shop Solution: Precision of Communication Earn you Half Success

Till you won’t communicate, you will not be noticed. Communication is the key to success in the current scenario where everybody is using internet in the form of social channels and business websites. Precise the style of communication with us and earn success by leaps and bounds. Our products like call shop solution or calling cards will never let your communication down.

Communicate with the people in their Ways with SeeTelecom:

Every individual has access to internet. However, everyone is using different ways of communication. Now, this may divide your customers into different groups like Smartphone users, mobile, PCs, softPhones, etc. Now, it is your competency to reach to your prospect in their ways. SeeTelecom offer you the best service in which you can use PC2Phone, Device 2 Phone, Mobile Dialer, Call Shop Solution, and Calling Cards and can communicate with different users in their style. Compare and Contrast our services with any other competitors in the field and we claim that you shall find our offer the best among all.