• Most Effective VoIP Service

    Comparing the market, you will find us the most suitable VoIP service provider with the ideal packages. We examine and quote different providers working in the field to clarify one thing that WE are the best. Compare and contrast the VoIP service plans, select the one that meet your requirements and budget and start your business.

    Enjoy being Wholesale Termination
    VoIP is the Medallion of your business
    Most Effective VoIP Service
  • PC 2 Phone Setup

    Make worldwide calls from traditional phone or Cell Phone by using internet, PC, or SIP Equipment. Just need to download PC 2 Phone Dialer and after installing it, add your account ID and password and start communicating. Isn't it easy?

    PC 2 Phone Setup
  • Mobile Dialer

    The Symbian based SIP client works as a softphone works as a Mobile dialer. It is easy to use as mobiles are very common nowadays. It works on different codecs for example g723, g729, g711, GSM, etc. Different internet careers like WiFi, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS can help in selecting the particular method to use this application effectively.

    Mobile dialer is a unique device that works efficiently in different countries like KSA, UAE, Oman, and even where the VoIP service is blocked by some agents.

    Mobile Dialer

Calling Cards     

See Telecom Calling Card enables newbie or existing business owners and companies to provide pre-paid VoIP Contacting Calling Card Services. This is one of the fastest growing markets on the VoIP Industry. The focus of attention are countries with increasing numbers of immigrants and cultural groups. Furthermore, there is relatively new trend among business men to moved their services to a pre-paid basis so they can take benefit of the cost-effective solutions that Voice over IP has committed.

See Telecom gives you opportunity to introduce multiple Calling Card systems in the industry, manage route traffic to several carriers, provide real-time control and analysis of your functions and render Web access to your clients.

We are the real solution provider to deal with the financial restrictions of smaller companies that are low density operative at start up. For the retail stores, we introduce techniques utilizing credit card transaction, etc.

See Telecom Calling Card provides the base to companies to offer the latest promotions to their clients and members. Some of these features are:

  • We open accounts in Pre-paid, Postpaid, ANI-Postpaid, or ANI-Prepaid as per the requirement of clients.
  • We offer endless unique PINs on-demand between 8 and 16 numbers long.
  • Authorize to different Merchants and Rate Platforms
  • We also support H323 Protocol for IP Phone
  • We export the Card Information and PINs and send printer
  • Our is paid Maintenance, disconnect, and activation charges
  • It is Toll-Free charge and Payphone Taxes
  • We apply taxes that are depending on the ANI (Caller ID) or number dialed (DNIS)
  • Ping when Dollar/Minutes in your card
  • Corporate customers have the facility to get multiple ANIs onn single account.
  • Make it possible for the end users to recharge online.
  • Whenever message comes it informs the customers even during call.
  • Different Rate Tables for different destination numbers.
  • Regular billing against 60 minutes as support 1 second
  • Different billing incentive for different hours of the day.
  • Enable clients to Import/ Export Rate table straight from CSV or TXT files
  • We manage 4 Different users; Administrator, Agent/Reseller, Client Assistance, or Consideration Holder/End-User
  • This allows users to view account balances online and also pay bills.
  • Credit Card transaction mode is also available.
  • Procedure
  • Purchases Calling Card to recharge or activate.
  • Make call to accessibility number that is printed by scratching card.
  • This call accesses the See Telecom system and provides information about user.
  •  IVR message runs and requires customer PIN number number.
  • System verifies clients account and balance.
  • An information is sent to client about the due date and time of Calling card.
  • Now system allows customers to dial destination number.
  • Call is made to the required time and ended
  • During this time system monitors and control call.
  • There are flexible package of calling card for different customer. See Telecom can tailored the best package on customer demand.
  • See Telecom is a reliable company for the Calling Card solution.  Feel free to contact through email or call.
  •  Calling Card Packages
  • Analog/ Digital/ Cellular accessibility
  • Software for billing as Card Saver
  • Services related to Installation and Support