• Most Effective VoIP Service

    Comparing the market, you will find us the most suitable VoIP service provider with the ideal packages. We examine and quote different providers working in the field to clarify one thing that WE are the best. Compare and contrast the VoIP service plans, select the one that meet your requirements and budget and start your business.

    Enjoy being Wholesale Termination
    VoIP is the Medallion of your business
    Most Effective VoIP Service
  • PC 2 Phone Setup

    Make worldwide calls from traditional phone or Cell Phone by using internet, PC, or SIP Equipment. Just need to download PC 2 Phone Dialer and after installing it, add your account ID and password and start communicating. Isn't it easy?

    PC 2 Phone Setup
  • Mobile Dialer

    The Symbian based SIP client works as a softphone works as a Mobile dialer. It is easy to use as mobiles are very common nowadays. It works on different codecs for example g723, g729, g711, GSM, etc. Different internet careers like WiFi, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS can help in selecting the particular method to use this application effectively.

    Mobile dialer is a unique device that works efficiently in different countries like KSA, UAE, Oman, and even where the VoIP service is blocked by some agents.

    Mobile Dialer

Voip Termination     

Become Wholesale Termination Provider

Online community is spreading fast and now you have to accessorize them with such features that can help them to develop virtual society. See Telecom has been playing on the internet pitch with VoIP Termination services like Wholesale and Retail Phone-to-Phone, and PC-to-Phone. He has gained expertise in VoIP arrears and is capable of boosting others’ business without any huge investment and least chances of failure. See Telecom saves you from purchasing VoIP equipment, software, and technology as well as there is also no need of wasting precious time in dealing with carriers directly or sharing in other framework. Make your online presence today by depositing 200 USD and runs your own business. This small investment will enable you to become interconnected and allow you in future to get traffic consumption. This arrangement will be made in 1 or 2 days and you will become VoIP Wholesale Agent.


  • See Telecom Provides voice traffic to Wholesale Agents
  • Access to Soft Switches and Hardware
  • Fantabulous Voice Quality
  • No monthly fees.
  • Onetime Payment
  • Ease of making your Brand
  • Full Independence in managing personal business without any interruption as;
    • Introducing new rates
    • Catchy payment packages for diverse nature of customers (e.g. bonus after certain seconds or minutes)

See Telecom has dedicated its services to the valued customers by offering them attractive package of Tier-1 routes including volume based Gold Rates that makes us stand prominent among other companies. We provide complete VoIP Solution from Billing to Traffic Termination for an effective VoIP Business.  Professionalism and technicality are the essence of See Telecom VoIP service.

Getting services from See Telecom will be of immense benefits;

  • Top Class Soft Switches.
  • Best Services including Call Routing/ Fax/ Voice
  • Rate/sec following Online CDR based on dedicated volume
  • Alternate Anchors affirming all destinations
  • Extreme Compatibility with hardware and software
  • Full Customer satisfaction by providing technical support conducting testing

Perceiving the customer’s requirement for flexibility in services and payment, See Telecom has devised outstanding tools and services an in addition reduce the charges of Tier-1 for VoIP that enable the customers to design their custom packages seeing the client’s business and purpose. There are different Wholesale and Reseller, former on 1/1 basis and later on volume. Addition features are;

  • ASR Variance of 65-87 % as per destination
  • IP connectivity on the frequency of h.323
  • SIP Interface
  • Codecs